Welcome, friends.

Union Hall is a new non-profit arts exhibition space located at The Coloradan in Denver. Union Hall is an emerging and established artist platform, giving Denver’s vibrant arts community a dedicated position in the Union Station neighborhood, the hub of the city.


Union Hall is a true cultural community partner aiming to advance opportunities for emerging artists and creatives. Union Hall provides a platform for Coloradan residents, Denver locals and visitors to engage in enriching and educational creative experiences, and serves the neighborhood as a community focused arts space and as a culture concierge.



INNOVATION Union Hall represents a new model in Colorado for arts and culture spaces. It will be the first dedicated and permanent non-commercial, non-collecting, exhibition space integrated into a private real estate development in Denver. The flexible and multi-purpose space and associated programming will provide a platform for residents of The Coloradan, as well as locals and visitors to Denver to engage in enriching and educational creative experiences. Union Hall will serve the neighborhood and Denver at large as a community-focused arts space and culture concierge, while providing opportunities for both emerging and well-known artists alike, and filling the need for flexible event, lecture, screening and performance space in Denver’s city center.

INCLUSIVITY Our curatorial program is focused on experimental, engaging, and ground-breaking exhibitions, utilizing new mediums and technology, diverse perspectives, equitable arts practices, and supporting young artists and curators. In addition to art exhibitions, programming will include impactful lectures, events, performances and experiences, film screenings, live music, educational events and more- with a focus on free and publicly accessible events.

IMPACT Union Hall was designed with an innovative model which provides support for arts and culture integrated within commercial development. Located in Denver’s urban hub, a rapidly developing neighborhood, our aim is to be a true partner to all venues for arts and culture throughout the city. As a culture concierge, Union Hall will foster engagement in the robust cultural ecosystem in Denver by providing residents, locals, and visitors with information and recommendations on creative and cultural events around the city.

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